No Adulterants

The milk we deliver is free of adulterants like water, added preservatives, etc. which gives it the wholesome taste that we promise.

Fresh and Natural

MilkPos milk only goes through filters and no other industrial processing. It is dutifully picked up from the local dairy farms and delivered quickly and with care. This ensures that you get fresh and creamy milk, all the time.

Nutrition Level

As MilkPos delivered milk doesn’t have any added water or other adulterants, the milk’s nutritional value for you and your family directly goes up.

Helping local dairy owners and farmers

By buying milk from the local dairy farmers, you contribute towards paying off their hard work, and you help them build a successful business with MilkPos.


MilkPos’ Route to Happy Customers

Subscribe to a package of milky goodness through our app.

MilkPos picks up filtered, pure and tasty milk from local dairy farms.

Nutritious MilkPos milk is delivered to your home with no other stops.



We Deliver here.

As we are growing, we are limited now. We deliver only few locations in Hyderabad not all!